Prayer of Long Life Sannak Tenzin Rinpoche

Om Swasti!
Ngon Tse Pemae Mindrol Choe Gor Chuk
Om Swasti! Long ago, Guru Padmasambhava gave you the ripening empowerment and pith instructions,

Drub Nye Neljor Nanam Yeshe Drak
You were famously known as the Accomplished Master, Neljor Nanam Yeshi,

Bar Du Togdhen Shakyae Tsen Chen Dang
In between, you were reborn as Togdhen Shakya Wangpo and

Rigdzin Tsultrim Gyatso La Sok Pa
Rigdzin Tsultrim Gyatso etc.
Khae Dang Drup Pa Du Mae Tsul Yang Zhung
You, who emanated and were reborn as many other scholars and sages.

Dha Ta Sang Ngag Tsen Chen Sang Ngag Ki
For this life, having the name of Sang Ngag, In the lineage of Vajrayana,

Ten La Bae Pae Tsul Zin Kye Bu Chok
You, the Supreme Being practices Vajrayana teachings in the secret form.

Ku Tse Ten Ching Zae Thrin Dar Gyae Shok!
May your life be forever firm, and may your enlightened activities radiate in all directions!In response to Tulku Karma Dorjee and other students who requested a Long life prayer for Sangngag Tenzin Rinpoche, Patrul Pema Norbu (His Holiness Penor Rinpoche) made this aspiration in the Holy Place Yang-lae-shoe (Pharping), Nepal in the year 2005/5/4 May virtue increase!

Translated by Khandro Lhamo Yangchen, Amsterdam 2011.