Reciting Guru Rinpoche's mantras to overcome the pandemic

As per the important advice by my courteous master Kyabje Khenchen Namdroling Rinpoche for pacifying pandemic is to practice on accumulation of 100,000- Vajra Guru mantras. I will start practicing on it. If we accumulate 5000/- Vajra Guru Mantra, it will be accumulated within 20 days. If 6000/- a day then it will be accumulated quicker. I will do this practice as quicker and as much as possible in silence doing one and half hour per session for 3 to 4 sessions a day.
I also request my dear students and dharma friends to participate in this practice without leaving unconcern. I will be grateful if you also share this request with others.
Sangngak Tenzin.

Important Advice from Khenchen Namdrol Tsering Rinpoche

Concerning the present spread of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, as dharma practitioners first and foremost, we must supplicate the Triple Gem. Nevertheless, in doing so, this does not in any way imply that we should ignore other methods of prevention. We must take precautions and seriously follow all general rules and guidelines that apply to the spread of this pandemic.

In addition to that, our responsibility as dharma practitioners is to always and continuously pray and supplicate to the spiritual masters and the Triple Gem. Whatever mantra recitation as taught by the Buddha that we can recite will ultimately afford the same benefit. For example, the Mani mantra, the mantra of Arya Tara, and so forth all carry the same certain blessings. The great benefit that these mantras bring to the world need not even be reiterated. At the same time, because we are in the midst of the time of five degenerations, that means illness, epidemics, weapons, famine, and strife will only become stronger, more intense, and far reaching.

If we closely consider this present pandemic, there can be no doubt that this has come about due to the collective negative karma of all beings that are presently living on this earth. Due to the circumstance of this virus, it is entirely possible that a great famine will ensue. Therefore, by considering this degenerate time, it is taught by the lineage masters that the one who grants infallible, compassionate, and swift blessings that surpass that of any other buddha is Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava. Based on this, in order to pacify this pandemic, I would like to request each one of you to commit to accumulating at least one hundred thousand Vajra Guru Mantras. This can be done in a very short period of time and is actually very easy to do. In doing so, please dedicate the root of your virtue specifically for the immediate pacification of this pandemic that pervades the world. There is great hope that in dependence upon this method and the undeniable power of interdependent truth, the pandemic will be swiftly brought be brought to an end.

None of the modern provisional scientific methods will ever have the power to sever the continuity of karmic ripening that actually brings about this kind of event. Until this karma is purified and exhausted, it will be difficult to definitively claim that this pandemic will go away. As I just mentioned above, we must direct our minds with single-pointed faith and devotion towards Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, and recite his mantra one hundred thousand times; and while doing so, we must focus strongly on the pacification of this pandemic. When concluding our sessions, we must offer strong dedication prayers for this pacification to occur. That is my humble request of all of you. This is extremely important, so please keep this in your hearts.

English translated by Light of Berotsana